Patrick Chang


I was born in Urbana Champaign, Illinois, but I moved back to Taiwan with my parents when I was several months old. Growing up in Taiwan, I can speak Mandarin fluently. After studying in Taiwan public school until 11th grade, I went to California for 12th grade in high school by my self. I decided to come to the States partially because my parents earned their graduate degree in the US, and partially because I wanted to go on adventures and try something different. After years of studying physics in UC Davis and a year abroad in Beijing, China, I got into Georgia Tech and started getting into the field of Biophysics.


  • Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, 2010~present, Physics PhD
  • Peking University in Beijing, China, 2008~2009, Physics study abroad
  • UC Davis in Davis, California, 2005~2010, Physics BS


I like to watch movies, read novels and comics, snowboard, swim, and play basketball. I just started to cook for myself and I enjoy it.


I study the dynamics of extracellular matrix of cells. Using fluorescence dye on cells and beads, I measure the different thickness of the matrix according to different density of the beads around the cells to study the dynamics.